Specialist Projects

In today’s hostile political and corporate climate security counter measures must be taken to deny unauthorized persons access to information. Executive Management Security has an independent team of Military and Government trained professionals who provide specialist surveillance, counter surveillance and investigation Services in both the commercial and private sectors. They have extensive experience and are trained to work in challenging situations.

Covert Surveillance

Surveillance involves the gathering of intelligence by technical and conventional methods. Our discreet services have assisted our existing clients in dealing with sensitive issues including – Corporate espionage, theft, fraud, copyright and counterfeiting.

Our teams use the latest state of the art surveillance equipment and procedures, ensuring that if necessary full catalogued evidence is admissible in court or tribunals.

Electronic Countermeasures

EMS use the latest highly specialist equipment, which is designed to detect, identify and locate illicit devices. Using this equipment we conduct a non intrusive survey to establish and identify how an organisation may be losing information through their current infrastructure.

Communication Security (COMSEC)

Our COMSEC specialists explain and demonstrate the current security threats faced by your personal and business communication systems, we will test how available your confidential information is and based on our findings will advise and suggest ways to protect all your communications systems and all confidential information held and discussed on them.

GPS Tracking

Covert GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are utilised by our surveillance teams and have proved an invaluable aid in enabling us to track and monitor movements of subjects under surveillance 24hrs a day.

This system has also proved to be highly advantageous for our counter surveillance teams deployed alongside our Close Protection teams on high profile/high risk assignments where the risk of attack or kidnapping is high.

Mobile Communication Forensics

Mobile phones, Blackberry’s and laptops are now commonly used for up to 70% of all business and private communications. Hidden information regarding the user’s whereabouts, actions and intentions are stored within these devices.

Valuable information including SMS messages, address books, call logs, photographs and emails can be retrieved, irrelevant of the devices condition.

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